The Homeowner Association Board of Directors has approved the following code of conduct for its members in order to ensure that they maintain a high standard of ethical conduct in the performance of the Association business, and to ensure that the residents maintain confidence in and respect for the entire Board.

The following principles and guidelines constitute the code of conduct:

No individual shall use his/her position as a Board member for private gain, for example:

No Board member shall solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, any gifts, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan, or any other thing of monetary value from a person who is seeking to obtain contractual or other business or financial relations with Association.

No Board member shall accept a gift or favor made with intent of influencing decision or action on any official matter.

No Board member shall receive any compensation from the association for acting as such.

No Board member shall engage in any writing, publishing, or speech making that defames any other member of the Association Board or resident of the Association community.

No Board member will willingly misrepresent facts to the residents of the community for the sole purpose of advancing a personal cause or influencing the community to place pressure on the Board to advance a Board member's personal cause.

No Board member nor his/her agent or employee or family member shall enter into a personal service contract with the Association without previous disclosure of such interest to the Board.

No Board member will seek to have a contract implemented that has not been duly approved by the Board.

No Board member will interfere with a contractor implementing a contract in progress. All communications with contractors will go through management or be in accordance with policy.

No Board member will interfere with the system of management established by the Board and the management company.

No Board member will harass, threaten, or attempt through any means to control or install fear in an Association contractor.

Any Board member who violates this code of conduct agrees that the Board of Directors may seek injunctive relief against him/her and agrees to pay the attorney's fees incurred by the Board in that enforcement effort.

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